Intelligent Managed Cellular Modem Solution

Out of Band Cloud Management

What’s In It For Me?

Reduced implementation costs through standardised configuration profiles

Centralised management allows IT support from anywhere at anytime

Understand bandwidth consumption and the reasons why… Then make changes to reduce cellular data costs

Dashboard metrics show summary views on key issues and allow you to target and fix problems quickly

Use edge intelligence to send only the required data back to the corporate application

No need to send an engineer to site… insights into cellular connections save time and money

Ticketing System Application Example

SirettaLINK Cloud Management Platform

SirettaLINK Portal Overview


Graph View

Connection View

Electric Vehicle Charging Application Example

What Hardware Works With The SirettaLINK Portal?

SirettaLINK Standard Features

Encrypted End to End Data Security

End-to-end data encryption (E2EE) secures the communication channel between the SirettaLINK devices and the centralised management portal. All data transferred between the two locations is secured and this ensures that any sensitive information remains hidden within the SirettaLINK system. The cryptographic keys used to encrypt and decrypt the messages are stored exclusively on the endpoints.

TLS Secure Website Traffic

SirettaLINK uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic protocols to provide communications security over the internet. The SirettaLINK website uses TLS to secure all communications between the servers and the client web browsers.

Powerful Embedded ARM Processor

The powerhouse behind the SirettaLINK hardware is an ARM Cortex M4 multithreaded processor.

This processor provides control to all of the SirettaLINK hardware interfaces and makes intelligent decisions in real time to maintain a reliable and stable connection to devices in the field, especially in rural or lower coverage areas of the mobile network infrastructure.

Over the air software updates provides the ability to remotely fix issues and automatically keep the SirettaLINK application up to date with the latest features and enhanced application improvements.

Intelligent EDGE Cloud Computing

EDGE intelligence reduces centralised application processing and decisions can be made quickly without requiring the central server to authorise transactions.

This increases the speed of operation, reduces server load and reduces network traffic which in turn reduces cost.

Device intelligence also allows the application to only send the required data back to the corporate application server by filtering out unwanted data at the cloud edge.